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Maple Cream

Also called maple butter or maple spread.  The only ingredient is our pure maple syrup that has been boiled to make it thicker. When it is cooled ... more info
Maple Fire Hot Sauce

Price: $8.00

 12 0z. bottle of Maple Hot Fire Sauce. For those who like things hot, try this one! Make your own buffalo wings, spare ribs, season that barbeque ... more info
Maple French Dressing

Price: $8.00

A sweet, tangy dressing that is very good on salads. It’s also wonderful for marinating meats. 12 oz. bottle. Ingredients: Pure maple syrup, ... more info
Maple Sugar

This product is pure maple syrup with all of the moisture removed. It can be used as a substitute for white sugar to add a nice maple flavor in ... more info
Maple Sugar Block (10 oz.)

Price: $9.00

Pure maple syrup is boiled to a higher concentration, stirred and poured into rectangle molds. Great for shaving onto hot cereal, toast, or ... more info
Maple Vinegar

Price: $7.00

Use it in your salad dressing, for cooking or any recipe that asks for vinegar. Ingredients: Pure Maple syrup. 12-oz. bottle.
Maple-Coated Almonds

Almonds coated with our pure maple sugar. A delicious treat for sweetened almond lovers!
Maple-Coated Peanuts

Peanuts, coated with our pure maple sugar. A delicious treat for those who like peanuts with a slightly sweet flavor.
Official Vermont Maple Cookbook: 4th Edition

59 pages from beverages to substituting maple sugar for granulated sugar
Pure Maple Candy

Our pure maple candy is made by boiling (and concentrating) pure maple syrup to a higher level, stirring and pouring into leaf-shaped molds. The 1 ... more info
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